Panel: Know Your Customer - are we doing it right?

14 October 2016

Know your customer panel session

Banking Horizon 2016 will give you the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of 4 of the most pertinent topics in the financial services industry today through our engaging panel discussions. These discussions will give you a chance to interact with global leaders in their respective specialisations, offering a comprehensive deep-dive.

One of our four panel discussions is titled Know Your Customer - are we doing it right? This panel will explore new ways of thinking and innovations in how to not only KNOW but also UNDERSTAND the customer.

This panel will be chaired by Kit Carson, Head of Banking Products at Verdict Financial. Kit has an in-depth understanding of customer needs and industry trends and how these differ globally. Through his roles at RBS and more recently Verdict Financial, he has developed a unique perspective on the Fintech revolution and how customers can gain from it.

Kit will be joined by 4 esteemed panel members:

  • Tim Kimball, Chief Technology Officer at Aire. Tim works to bring customers fairer access to finance through ethical credit scoring policies. This allows him to give us insight into the gaps currently seen between Knowing and Understanding the customer, and how it can be reconciled.
  • Tim Minall, Director of Group Compliance at WorldPay. Tim shares with us over 10 years experience at GE Capital, Central Trust, Wagon Finance and Skipton Building Society in leading and facilitating compliance and risk reviews. He will also discuss his views regarding whether KYC processes require a revolution or simply need to evolve.
  • Edan Yago, Chief Executive Officer at Epiphyte. Edan brings a wealth of experience in founding and developing companies in a number of industries. His most recent venture enables banks/financial services companies to integrate with Bitcoin and crypto-finance. With this insight, Edan will be commenting on how incumbents and new firms can work together.
  • Gene Pranger, CEO & Founder at Financial Town. Gene gives us his understanding of how customers should be approached and engaged with to optimize the KYC process. His experience of building the first interactive mobile video banking platform and over 20 years transforming bank branches has given him an extensive understanding of the consumer.

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