Panel: Digital transformation in the new age of banking

5 October 2016

Photo of mobile phones showing banking apps

Banking Horizon’s panel discussions will give you unique insights into the main themes at the forefront of financial services innovation. The event offers delegates the chance to interact with industry leaders from around the world to offer a truly global perspective.

One of our four panel sessions is titled Digital Transformation in the New Age of Banking. This panel will give you the opportunity to understand how digitisation has impacted business models and how technological foundations need to be created to meet evolving customer demand. It will also explore how Banks and Fintechs can work together to reach their digitisation goals, amongst many other pertinent issues.

This session will be chaired by Keith Saxton, Chair of the Financial Services and Payments Programmes at techUK. Keith’s vast experience in working in the Financial Industry and most recently IBM Research has given him an in-depth understanding of how technology can help develop business strategies.

Keith is joined by four industry experts:

  • Yuval Dvir, Head of EMEA Online Partnerships at Google. Yuval shares with us a wealth of experience at Google, Microsoft and Skype in helping companies adopt new technologies to improve customer experience, whilst growing their revenues and market reach. He also holds an MBA from INSEAD.
  • Matthew Glover, Head of Transformation at Unity Trust Bank. Matthew brings over 15 years of banking and finance experience to the panel including unique insights into Islamic finance. He will share his extensive knowledge of cloud based computing systems and how important networked platforms and partnerships are.
  • Sameer Mital, Director of EMEA at Moven. Sameer has had a hand in major banking transformations across several European banks including HSBC, Barclays and RBS. He will be speaking about how banks need to use technology to meet evolving customer demands and the challenges they could face from not doing so.
  • Christian Rebernik, Chief Technology Officer at Number 26. Christian brings his expertise in continuous development, innovation and cloud computing to the panel. He is also a motivated mentor to several start-ups and helps them develop their business strategies using his own experiences in founding Iphos, an internet production firm.

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