How to meet 100 CEOs in a day

10 August 2016

Networking with city view

Networking, some people love it, some people hate it – here’s our step by step guide to helping you meeting 100 CEOs in a day.

Step 1 – Get yourself on the guestlist

You’re not going to meet 100 new people in your industry, let alone 100 CEOs without access to the event they’re all at. Scour the leading event listings and conference calendars to find the event that everyone’s attending. Once you’ve found the event, buy a ticket! Don’t forget to check out the event Twitter page or other social media to find a promo code or discounted ticket offer.

Step 2 – Research the attendees and set up meetings

About a month before the event, most networking events and conferences will release a dedicated networking app or at least a delegate portal – sign up and be active! Most of the info on the app will be stuff you can find in your registration confirmation email, with the exception of the Attendee List. This list will contain names of everyone attending, what companies they work for and their role in the organisation. Use this list to identify those that you want to speak to and use the networking app to schedule meetings. Everyone will be wanting to arrange meetings with the CEOs, so be quick and be concise in your messaging. Don’t forget to check the app regularly to see who else has joined!

Step 3 – Get prepared

In the days before the event, you need to get prepared to make sure you make the most of the conference. Treat the conference like a normal working day and note in your calendar all the meetings you’ve scheduled and the sessions you do not want to miss. If explaining who you are, what you do, and how you can help doesn’t slip off your tongue, make time to practice your elevator pitch. Finally, before you leave the office, pick up a stack of business cards as all those fancy apps have nothing on traditional printed cardboard!

Step 4 – Turn up and keep moving

On the day of the event, turn up early. The hour before the conference begins is a great time to meet those who are hanging about because someone in HR felt the need to be overly conservative on travel times. It is also usually before everyone gets bogged down with emails from the office, so try to catch people before they bury themselves into their laptops. Throughout the day, try to keep to the schedule you created and most importantly, keep moving! Don’t get stuck talking to the same people for the whole networking break, make your excuses and meet someone new.

Step 5 – Follow up

The conference is over, time to catch up on missed emails and start preparing that pack for the next meeting? No – you’ve got a stash of business cards and scribbled notes that you need to act on. Timing is key and it is important to contact everyone you met and arrange follow up meetings as soon as possible. If there’s someone you did not manage to speak to, drop them an email too and tell them about that exciting opportunity you wanted to discuss.

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